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Contribute to our club

NUS Rotaract has some subcommittees which are pivotal for the club to operate. These subcommittees provide a platform for members to help the club directly so that we can grow stronger as a club and better serve the community around us. Find something you're passionate about and contribute to our club while learning new skills, like marketing, publicity and many more.

Scroll down to learn more about our subcommittees!



Our subcommittee takes charge of the club’s social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even this website!), and publicity for our club’s events which includes creating posters, online content and covering events on the ground as well. 


This subcommittee would be ideal if you have an interest in photography and designing of publicity materials, and have a keen eye for design and aesthetics. Experience with canvas, photoshop or other design platforms is preferred.

What you can gain:

  • Develop and hone your designing skills

  • Get to learn more about brand communications and web development

  • Cultivate good communication skills


Our subcommittee organises activities for NUS Rotaract members to keep our community closely-knitted as a family. We plan for the major club events like our CIP events, Christmas Party, and Night Cycling from previous years.

This subcommittee would be ideal for you if you want to plan fun events for the whole club and bring everyone closer together as a club.

What you can gain:

  • Relevant experience & lots of fun

  • Exclusive subcommittee events

  • Friends


Our subcommittee takes part in the planning, organising and executing of ad hoc events. We handle the logistics, publicity and events planning for special projects like previous year’s Chinese New Year Celebration and Christmas Party @ Cheshire Home.


This subcommittee would be ideal for you if are highly self-motivated and committed, and ultimately want to make a difference in society.

What you can gain:

  • Relevant experiences

  • Friendship


Our subcommittee mainly deals with fundraising for all the local and overseas projects in NUS Rotaract. We plan the fundraising events for the club, and take charge in searching for sponsors for our club.


This subcommittee would be ideal for you if you want to gain first-hand experience planning for events, searching for and leasing with sponsors and other organising parties, and build up on your creativity. 

What you can gain:

  • Event management skills from organising fundraisings

  • Marketing skills (eg. poster design, client negotiation)

  • Valuable friendships & lifelong memories


Our subcommittee is in charge of organising workshops to develop skills in our club members, ensuring good relations with Alumni and Rotarians and seeking for internship and career opportunities for rotaractors. We also handle the administrative duties of the club like managing volunteer data and endorsing SEP forms.


This subcommittee would be ideal for you if you are detail-oriented and want a taste of what it’s like to organise events and facilitate communication with external organisations, alumni and rotarians for partnerships.

What you can gain:

  • Planning & networking skills

  • Friendship


Our subcommittee liaise with partners and Rotaract Clubs for collaboration and sponsorships, project planning and execution, logistics and publicity management.

What you can gain:

  • First-hand experience in professional communication with companies

  • Experiences in backend work with project management

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